Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Luxury of Cashmere

For women apparel, particularly sweaters made from cashmere are akin to black dresses. Every woman should own at least one, and they are perfect for any occasion with the right accessories. Cashmere wasn't always a fashion staple, but once it came on the fashion scene, sweaters were no longer considered solely for keeping warm. Cashmere apparel had been introduced by designers well before the 1950's; however, anyone who reviews pictures and other media from that decade will quickly recognize the iconic fashion of the day: a swinging poodle skirt with the two piece layered sweater set, often fashioned from cashmere.

Cashmere goats are the primary source for cashmere, but several other types are also contributors to the fabric. Typically, it takes about 3 - 4 goats to produce enough underlying down known as cashmere for one article of clothing. Fibers are gathered each year during the natural moulting season from around the goats' necks. The soft, downy underlying fibers are separated from the coarser hairs using special care and combing. Once separated, these fine fibers are used to make yarn that eventually becomes cashmere fabric; hence, luxurious articles of clothing. 

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