Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Throw the Perfect Spa Party - Guest Post

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a hen night, or just want an excuse to get together, a spa day is an excellent way to relax and have a good old fashioned gossip with your friends. Instead of splashing out on a day out the local spa, why not invite your friends round for a spa party in your home? Follow these simple steps to throw the perfect spa party:

Step one: Get comfy Although the spa day is in your house, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on the little extras you get in a real spa. Light some candles, put on relaxing mood music, pour a bit of bubbly, and buy some dressing gowns at isme to make sure everyone is ready to relax and enjoy some pampering.

Step two: Treatments You can hire a massage therapist to visit your house and give everyone a rub down, or if you’re on a budget, stick to home treatments to do yourselves. Stock up on face masks, foot socks, and nice nail polish, and relax while you give each other the star treatment!

Step three: Make your own

Add some excitement to your spa day with a masterclass in making your own hair and beauty products. You can find lots of great recipes online – most of which use bits and pieces you can already find in your kitchen. Oatmeal makes a surprisingly good exfoliant, for example.

Step four: Food A light lunch is usually included in spa day packages, and it would be remiss as the hostess not to put some nibbles out. Remember that the food should be light, and the drinks should be indulgent – it is a spa day, after all. Mix up some delicious virgin cocktails with a range of fruit juices, and cut up some small finger sandwiches: try coronation chicken for a right royal treat.

Step five: Goody bags
Send your friends home with a little goody bag to remember the day by. Fill it with mini nail polishes, nail files, and other small beauty pieces. You could also give them a jar of the product they made during the day: decorate the jar with sequins and a bow for that extra special touch.

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