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Motorola S11-Flex HD Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

If you had to guess, do you think more Americans say it is tougher to keep a resolution to exercise more or to eat better? Well Motorola Mobility recently conducted a study and found that 65% say keeping an exercise resolution is harder. The majority agreed that the lack of motivation is the biggest obstacle to achieving their fitness goals. So to keep your motivation level up and to change things up a simple thing like using a new pair of headphones can make all the difference.

My current phone, and even the one before that, is Motorola. I am a big Motorola fan, so I when I heard about their S11-Flex HD Headphones I knew they were definitely worth trying. The first thing that surprised me is that there is no cord. Yes, that is right they are wireless. This was a whole new concept to me. One of my biggest complaints with headphones is the cord when I am on a cardio machine or out running  The cord is either moving too much that it pulls the bud out of my ear, in a tangled mess, or just plain in my way.

This pair of headphones fixes this problem by allowing me to connect my phone with my headphones. I have a Motorola phone, but any phone, device, tablet, or laptop will work as long as it has Bluetooth. The process to connect  the device could not have been easier. I turned on my Bluetooth on my phone and turned on the headphones. My phone instantly picked up my headphones, so I was ready to start listening.

The headphones fit perfectly on my head and ears when I slid them on. They stayed on during my entire workout which was so nice not having to readjust them every few minutes like my other pair of headphones. The music quality is wonderful and my music really sounds great as well.

There are many things I like about the S11-Flex HD headphones:

I do not have to carry my phone with me to hear music. The first thing that I loved is that I can walk around the house with my headphones in while my phone sits in one room. As long as my phone and headphones can “talk” to each other, the music plays perfectly. I can walk throughout my whole house and have no problems with signal.

No interruptions. As they are wireless headphones, I was slightly worried about the connection. All hesitations were quickly dispelled as I have had no problem with the headphones, not even a single one, and I have used these for at least 10+ hours already.

Rapid recharge. No pesky batteries here as the headphones charges with the wall charger that is included. Plus 1 hour of power only needs 5 minutes of charge time so it takes no time at all to charge the headphones.

Easy volume control. The volume buttons are on the headphones near the right ear which makes changing the volume level very easy.

Noise cancellation. These headphones do a great job at cancelling out the surrounding noise, so I only hear my music.

Design. As I wear these while working out I do get pretty sweaty. Lucky for me these are sweat proof with hydrophobic mesh and silicone seals.

Phone calls. If you get a call, you can answer it and have a conversation with these headphones. The headphones have two mics for great calling quality.

Adjustable. Between the fact that the outer and inner band is adjustable rotating stems, and the different ear cushions, you can have the best experience.

Durable: With its material and design I know these are a very durable pair of headphones.

Other Workout Whines found in Motorola Media’s survey:
·         Headphone Headaches: Those who exercise and own headphones say their workout has actually been ruined by uncomfortable headphones (24%) or ear buds that fall out (47%).
·         Music Motivation:  A majority of men consider the most important feature in headphones to be sound quality (59%), while women care most about comfort (46%).
·         Mid-Workout Moans: 19% of Americans who exercise say a workout has been ruined by forgetting a water bottle and 39% by uncomfortable shoes. And remember when your size-too-big-socks scrunched under your heel? 22% said uncomfortable workout clothes have ended motivation at the gym.

Included in the box: 
-S11-Flex HD Wireless Stereo Headphones with Bluetooth
-A variety of ear cushions
-Adjustable innerband
-Micro USB wall charger
-User Guide

I really recommend these headphones and think they are worth every penny. Not having to mess with the cord is wonderful. Plus the design seems to be centered around the needs of exerciser so they have all the basis covered. They are also great for cleaning around the house. You can listen to music, podcasts, watch television shows, and talk on the phone with these. They are also very comfortable and the charge life is amazing. The S11-Flex HD Headphones is an absolutely great pair of headphones! 

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Disclosure: I received this item as compensation for an honest review. I did not receive monetary compensation for this post and the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I was not obligated to post a positive review.


Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

My daughter needs some new headphones. Hers always seem to break fast. I am glad that you think these are durable!


Tara said...

These look great, I had no idea there was something like this that could "talk" with the device.

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