Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bahama Bronze Instant Spray Tan Review - With Pictures!

Ever since my days of working at a tanning salon, I have really laid off tanning in the harmful beds. I will admit I do love the color I get from them. However I do not love just how bad it is for my skin and how it will make my skin look in a few years. So I hardly ever go now and am always trying to find a natural and safe alternative. I have tried a new product called Bahama Bronze which gave me a spray on tan.

Bahama Bronze is a spray tan in a can. I have tried self tanning lotions, but have never tried an aerosol spray until I tried this one. It is made with a professional salon quality formula and contains an 8% DHA formula (DHA is what causes the chemical reaction that results in a tan). The spray tan will then last up to 7 days.

It is recommended to use this either outside or in the shower, so I picked the shower. I put on a pair of black shorts, because I did not want to stain any of my lighter color clothing during the spray. You can spray this all over your body and not wear clothing to get an all over even tan, but I decided to spray just my leg for the first time and to really show the color difference.

Megan is the one that sprayed me. You can totally spray your own body, but as it was my first time I wanted some help with it. She shook the can real well before she began. She then held the can roughly 10 – 14 inches away from my skin. She did nice and even vertical strokes over my entire leg.

When she sprayed the solution on to my skin, I had no problem knowing whether my leg had solution on it or if a spot had been missed. When my leg was sprayed properly, I could already see it was a little darker, probably just because the solution had a darker hue when it touched my legs. However, it made it really to see if any spots on my leg had been missed.

For the most part, the solution had dried instantly. Megan had sprayed a little too much around my ankles, so I did have to gently dab the excess away. Other than that I just stood in the tub for a minute and then stepped out. I wiped the bottoms of my feet with a towel, since some excess solution had accumulated on the bottom of the tub. Afterward, I started the shower and all the solution on the basis washed away. No staining at all.

When I was done with the spray, I wore the black shorts for the rest of the night. However if I would have changed into pants I know the color would not have stained my clothing. I ended up sitting on the couch and bed and experienced no sort of staining what so ever. You cannot shower for about 6 hours after the spray, so I did it at night.

Then next morning I woke up and could really tell a difference between the leg that was sprayed and the one that was not sprayed. I did not experience any streaking and the color on my leg was pretty even. The top of my foot was a tad splotchy, but Megan did not give it the attention like she did my entire leg. I am really impressed with the difference in color and how natural it looks. 

OVERALL: I love just how much darker my leg is after using this product.  The whole process was very simple and did not cause any sort of staining of my clothing. The color looks so natural and my leg is so tan. Bahama Bronze is the safe and easy (and cheaper) alternative to those tanning beds. I will continue using this product, because I love the results I had. Just look at the picture to see why I love Bahama Bronze!

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Disclosure: I received this item as compensation for an honest review. I did not receive monetary compensation for this post and the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I was not obligated to post a positive review.


Alicia said...

wow! that really works!

Amanda @ Survival Guide by The Working Mom said...

WOW!! The difference is SOOO noticable and I love that it doesnt turn you yellowish looking.

slehan said...

Thanks for being an example. Can really tell the difference.

Brigette Streeper said...

That worked really well! Maybe I should get some. I'm always freakishly white in the winter time....

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