Friday, May 18, 2012

Eyebrow Waxing vs. Threading: Which One is Better?

A part of being a woman involves taking care of your eyebrows. Waxing vs. threading seems to be the big question. I know some people that say waxing is better while others say threading is better. So let’s looks at how each process works.

eyebrow waxing

This involves taking a plastic strip with hot wax on one side. This plastic strip is typically a stencil that corresponds to the desired eyebrow shape (arched, flat, curved, etc.) The strip is the gently pressed on the eyebrow for the wax to take hold. Then the strip is quickly ripped off to remove the hair. 

This can be done up to every 4 weeks and typically lasts up to four weeks.

A pro for threading is that waxing places are more abundant than threading places.

A con is that the wax can burn or peel off some of your skin (this has happened to someone I knew and it was not pretty!).

eyebrow threading
Threading is an ancient hair removal form. A piece of cotton thread is taken and looped around a row of hairs. Then these hairs are pulled from the skin.    

This can be done up to every 10 days, but it lasts about four weeks.

Pros for threading is that it is typically cheaper, involves almost zero contact with your skin, process does not take as long, better for sensitive skin.

A con is that if there is a very small hair just starting to grow in, the thread cannot always get them like waxing can.


Threading is my preference. I tried waxing once and will not try it again. My skin was red for hours afterward, the process was painful, and tore a little of my skin. I love threading because I have a nice shape from it, it is very quick, and I can go in public afterward and not worry how red my eyebrows look.

So which do you think is better? Waxing or threading?


Geet Maha said...

I prefer threading!

Azslyn said...

Thank you for this great post i thought about waxing my legs and now i'm not so sure i want to, i really wouldn't want my skin peeling off

neelz said...

Threading is my preference because its safer than waxing.

Courtney Tucker said...

I have never in my life heard of threading the eyebrows, that seems too complicating for me! I used to tweeze mine but seemed to get carried away lol, have waxed...looked good but really do not trust what could happen when using it! I just get eyebrow razors now, and have gotten the handle of them! My eyebrows are nice and shaped lovely!

Anonymous said...

I prefer waxing its not at all scary as people make it sound. I have not done the threading because a friend of mine tried the threading and it came out looking the same.

LilDropOfSunshine said...

I've never tried threading, but I have never had a problem with waxing, and it's always super quick...10 minutes MAX, and usually only about 5! It's also cheap...$10, and if I get it done at the same time as a mani, it's only $7!

Anonymous said...

I've tried both and I prefer waxing or professional plucking. The threading was too painful! My skin is sensitive but the threading seemed to leave my brows sore with a raised bit rather than waxing. Similar prices so take your pick!

Krista said...

I've always had my eyebrows waxed but I am considering threading. I had an unfortunate incident the last time I had my eyebrows waxed...there was too much wax on the stick they use to apply the wax and it dripped on my eyelashes!!! This could have been real bad had I had my eyes open. Anyway, they used some kind of oil to get most of the wax off my eyelashes and eventually it all came off in a couple of days.

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